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No. of RoomsUnit TypeSqftStackPrice Min.Price Max.
1-Bedroom1A700 - 76431SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
1-Bedroom1B700 - 77530SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
1-Bedroom1E700 - 75323SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
1-Bedroom1F657 - 73222SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
1-Bedroom1G657 - 75321SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
1-Bedroom1H689 - 77520SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
1-Bedroom + Study1C + S743 - 76429SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
1-Bedroom + Study1D + S732 - 75324SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2-Bedroom2G980 - 1,06619SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2-Bedroom + Study2B + S1,141 - 1,28132SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2-Bedroom + Study2C + S1,163 - 1,17333SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2-Bedroom + Study2D + S1,16334SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2-Bedroom + Study2E + S1,152 - 1,16326SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
2-Bedroom + Study2F + S1,152 - 1,16327SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
3-Bedroom3A + S1,561 - 1,58236SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
3-Bedroom3B + S1,582 - 1,59325SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
3-Bedroom3C + S1,582 - 1,59328SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
4-Bedroom4B2,034 - 2,25035SOLD OUTSOLD OUT

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Last Updated: 25th May 2024

live at ONE Live at the person address which says it all. Marina One Residences is uniquely suited for being section of Urban Redevelopment Authority’s long-term program to rework Marina Bay as a lively district distributed with spaces that are included with amenities, playgrounds, retail opportunities and lavish greenery. El created area is in addition earmarked in the shape of potential world wide business and economic heart near Singapore’s potential Waterfront Town, making Marina One Residences perfectly set to reap the remarkable features of this area’s growth. This is when the entire world comes together to pass the time, perform, and live. This really is Marina One.
Marina One then becomes an oasis of ease, situated in the heart of the region, providing peace and serenity in the lively setting of Kathryn Gustafson’s inviting main garden. Marina One Residences is really a spot that allows you are feeling in the home about you.
A place to rest and rest
Located in an area of 65 thousand sq.ft. A myriad of integrated public and personal areas are indicated by luxurious greenery and magnificent waterfalls. About 50 metres, relax. Relax. Panel pool or two hundred sq. Fully equipped meters. Stuff; leisure and retail solutions, distinctive eating areas and the teppanyaki terraces. Trademark Lunch. In Marina One Residences a community sees their place in a jardin.
Your personal place to mention
Find out how incredible it is to call home with a beautiful see of the city, the sea and their gardens at the harbor in the center of the country. Any home, with luxurious Villeroy & Boch toiletries, has good quality gear produced by Miele and Poggenpohl. The cautiously constructed inside can be integrated into Marina One Residences’architectural identity with a certain signature meeting the balcony facade.Marina One is just a whole development that goes over and over Singapore’s lively CBD.
Marina One is situated in stunning interior and outdoor greenery with unique retail options and Grade A practices and it is easily linked to the network of the 21st century.

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#33-32 available for sale!

Asking price: $17,500,000
ID: including $650K
Size: 7,459sf

Viewing By Appointment.

⭐ 1 Bedroom 721sqft Fully Sold
⭐ 1 + Study 753sqft Fully Sold
⭐ 2 Bedroom 1,044sqft Fully Sold
⭐ 2 + Study 1,173sqft Fully Sold
⭐ 3 Bedroom 1,518sqft Fully Sold
⭐ 3 + Study 1,593sqft Fully Sold
⭐ 4 Bedroom 2,034sqft Fully Sold

⭐ Penthouse PH1: 7,244sqft Sold
⭐ Penthouse PH2: 6,469sqft Sold
⭐ Penthouse PH3: 8,073sqft Sold
⭐ Penthouse PH4: 8,697sqft Sold
⭐ Penthouse PH5: 8,708sqft Sold
⭐ Penthouse PH6: 8,310sqft Sold
⭐ Penthouse PH7: 6,566sqft Sold
⭐ Penthouse PH8: 7,459sqft $17.5M

⭐ 1室 721平方尺 - 已售罄
⭐ 1室+书房 753平方尺 已售罄
⭐ 2室 1,044平方尺 已售罄
⭐ 2室+书房 1,173平方尺 已售罄
⭐ 3室 1,518平方尺 已售罄
⭐ 3室+书房 1,593平方尺 已售罄
⭐ 4室 2,034平方尺 已售罄

⭐ 顶层公寓1: 7,244平方尺 已出售
⭐ 顶层公寓2: 6,469平方尺 已出售
⭐ 顶层公寓3: 8,073平方尺 已出售
⭐ 顶层公寓4: 8,697平方尺 已出售
⭐ 顶层公寓5: 8,708平方尺 已出售
⭐ 顶层公寓6: 8,310平方尺 已出售
⭐ 顶层公寓7: 6,566平方尺 已出售
⭐ 顶层公寓8: 7,459平方尺 售价$17.5M

Marina One is strategically located in Marina Bay, Singapore’s renowned world class financial business district in a captivating waterfront setting with seamless connectivity to the city’s MRT system.


Marina One Residences will offer a vibrant and attractive lifestyle, master-planned as an integrated live-work-play business and financial hub enhanced by abundant open spaces and lush greenery.


Marina One Residences reinforces Singapore’s “City in a Garden” concept with its architecturally unique “green heart” of a biodiversity garden including its access and outlook to the adjoining two green lungs at Marina Station Square and Central Linear Park, as well as to the necklace of the civic, cultural, leisure and dining attractions around Marina Bay.

滨海盛景豪苑通过其独特的多样性花园, 被称为: “绿色心脏”,强化了新加坡“花园中的城市”概念,包括其通往滨海车站广场和中央公园相邻的两个“绿肺” 以及相连的通道和外观 ,集文化交流、休闲、商业、餐饮娱乐服务于一体。

🔺 Prime District 01

🔺 Brand New TOP Obtained

🔺 Direct from Developer

🔺 Multiple Awards Winning Iconic Project

🔺 Designed by Internationally Renowned Architect Ingenhoven Architects
🔺由国际知名建筑师Ingenhoven Architects设计

🔺 Landscaped designed by Gustafson Porter with a 13m waterfalls
🔺Gustafson Porter 设计的园林景观,瀑布长达13米

🔺 Historic Collaboration between Malaysia’s Khazanah Nasional Berhad and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings
🔺马来西亚国库控股Khazanah Nasional Berhad 与新加坡淡马锡控股 Temasek Holdings 双方历史性的合作

🔺 Integrated Development Comprising Luxury Residences, Retail and Grade-A Offices

🔺 Next to Marina Bay MRT (Singapore’s largest and most connected MRT interchange by 2021) and Downtown MRT - Served by 4 MRT lines
o North-South Line (Marina Bay)
o Circle Line (Marina Bay)
o Thomson-East Coast Line (Marina Bay)
o Downtown Line (Downtown)

🔺毗邻滨海湾捷运站 Marina Bay (新加坡最大,交接最多的地铁站-该交接均为2021年完成并启用)和市区线地铁 - 均由4条地铁路线服务:
• 南北线(滨海湾 Marina Bay)
• 环线(滨海湾 Marina Bay)
• 汤申-东海岸线(滨海湾 Marina Bay)
• 滨海市区线(市区 Downtown)

🔺 Connected to Raffles Place via future underground pedestrian link (UPN)
🔺可通过未来的地下人行通道(UPN) 连接到莱佛士坊

🔺 Flanked by 2 Parks – Marina Station Square and Central Linear Park
🔺两侧有2个公园 - 滨海车站广场和中央滨海公园

🔺 The ONLY development in the city with a 65,000 sqft garden (‘The Green Heart’ of Marina One) within the development
🔺该城市中唯一拥有65,000平方英尺花园 - 滨海盛景豪苑“绿色心脏” - 的开发项目。